Teaching Mathematics to Preschoolers – Today

Dear Parents,

The first online newsletter for ABC Childcare centre will be on mathematics for preschoolers in the 21st century. This post provides insights on the importance to allow young children be active, independent learners while constructing their own knowledge and understanding in learning mathematics.

As technology evolves and advances, so should the learning for all. It is tempting for parents and educators to provide the solutions for young children when they are struggling to figure out certain mathematical concepts and skills, but by allowing the young learners the time to struggle with the math tasks they are exploring, they are actually actively constructing their own knowledge/ideas.


It is crucial to understand that children need an environment that helps support their learning and understanding, where they are actively engaged in solving problems, encouraged to make connections and understand the mathematics they are exploring. An environment that is rich in interaction allows children to be engaged in reflective thinking and learn about new concepts through communications with peers and teachers. To sum it up, learning mathematics is like a lifelong skill. Children should be encouraged to explore, figure out solutions through the struggles and challenges faced and construct their own understanding and knowledge of how it works to be effective learners, not just in mathematics but in all other aspects.

Do check out the video below from MOESpore for more insights and last but not least, another video (just below MOESpore’s video) — to brighten up your day!


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