Day 1

Mathematics had been the one subject I hated to the core since young, it had been fun thus far during the lessons solving the 3 problems introduced by Dr Yeap. I’ve learnt a few key concepts through the tasks given 


  1. Mathematics can be fun, not boring. 
  2. There are more than one way to solving a problem. (I used to do that, and even though my final answer was right, I was marked down due to the different method used in the process of solving. Yes, my subject teacher gives marks for using the method she taught in class and this kind of killed my interest for the subject. Anyway, her methods are mundane and I never get where she is coming from)
  3. The more the merrier! Discussing about the problems, sharing with friends how we achieve the result is fun and enriching. We get to know how others solve their tasks in a different way than us and this provides us more ideas for the next tasks to think creatively (which can be hard)
  4. Hands-on learning adds so much more fun in the process of learning



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