Day 2

I find it fascinating to use different methods to do or solve a mathematical problem, it has always been instilled within me that there is one method or algebra way to solve a mathematical problem. Thus, it was pretty difficult to think out of the box and it feels rather insecure doing it, unsure whether it is right or not. But, it was interesting to think out of the box knowing there is no right or wrong and it’s all up to your creativity. 

One method which I find it to be interesting and fun to teach young children how to count, will be to use the kidney beans for learning subtraction concepts. I can get the older children to pair up and use this game to learn the concept of subtraction. Children who may have already acquired the concept of subtraction well may be able to identify patterns during the process, just like how we find out that no. 3 and no. 6 are bad numbers to get because you will lose the game!



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