Day 4

I especially enjoy Problem 13 introduced today. It is not just mind-reading, it is indeed mind-boggling. I find it so hard to find out the second digit, but eventually understand the concepts. It was interesting to find out that the answers can be found out through different ways.


  1. The no. revealed is often the multiplication number of the first digit
  2. You can use the first digit and times no. 9
  3. You can add no. ‘0’ behind the first digit, minus 4 to get the answer as well.



Another interesting thing Dr Yeap reinforced today is the utterance of fractions. It is not

  1. 1 out of 4 (unless you are talking about probability or you actually mean it)
  2. 1 over 4
  3. 1 upon 4

But it is said as one-quarter. I think this is the common mistake that always occur. I tend to say 1 out of 4 and people I know tend to say it as 1 upon 4. Now, I understand why it is not meant to be said that way and instead, saying it the right way – one quarter

The other consistent thing I learnt through the past 3 lessons in addition to today’s lessons, is that. Encouraging young children to solve problems through different ways, inspiring creativity and encouraging children to find creative ways for solutions. It has been a norm to use a standard way to solve mathematical problems, but as the world and technology advances, it is now a totally different approach towards enriching a child’s learning and showing the true value of teaching and education.


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