Day 5

Differentiated instruction is crucial for all educators to really help children progress and develop in their learning, to identify the steps necessary to help create the concept or enrich their learning further. I think educators should take this seriously instead of following a structured curriculum as differentiated instruction is vital for learners to grasp, understand and progress on in their learning. 

The class proceeded to do an activity ‘Tangram’ as well, it was fun trying to create the squares of different sizes, we came up with a total of 4 

  1. 2 bigger sized triangles 
  2. 1 smaller square
  3. 1 triangle with 3 other tangrams
  4. finally, 1 that consists of all 7 tangrams (example below)



This is a great way to differentiate the activity. Children who can form a square using the tangrams can move on to find more possibilities of using the tangrams to form a square (I think I belong to the slower-learning group) but I really like this activity as the children get to explore using concrete materials and to learn at their own pace! 


The next most interesting activity is on the triangle and why the triangle always add up to 180degrees. This is seriously intriguing and I finally grapple the reason why. I am still pretty amazed till now, you may try the following method. Cut the triangles up and aligned them in the straight line, it will always form a straight line and a straight line = 180degrees. Try it out and be amazed too!



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