Day 6

Final class of the module and I will like to sum up the lessons attended thus far and conclude a takeaway which I think is especially applicable not just in learning mathematics but in all other aspects of life

Teach, so that children can develop intellectual capital. Don’t let conventions override and allow creativity. 

More often than not, teachers tend to teach the conventional way. It’s vital to allow children to explore and figure out methods to solve a problem. 

The quiz was unlike the usual kinds and we were asked to come up with words problem with the questions.

  1. 8 divide by 4
  2. 4 divide by 8
  3. 2 thirds divide by 3
  4. 3 divide by 2thirds

The last question got me thinking pretty hard and I still could not figure out the answer. Anyway, the after-quiz discussion had clarified my questions. We have a simple pictorial graph presentation without scale thereafter. 



























And I especially enjoyed the ‘salute’ game, my group-mates and I are trying to hard to win the game by calling out the number first. This game is my favorite as I love mental calculation!


Lastly, thank you Dr Yeap for letting us view Math from a totally different perspective. Bet my math results would have been much different if all the teachers are like Dr Yeap. Nonetheless, thanks for the thoughtfully planned lessons in allowing each and every one of us to understand better. Thank you!


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