Day 6

Final class of the module and I will like to sum up the lessons attended thus far and conclude a takeaway which I think is especially applicable not just in learning mathematics but in all other aspects of life Teach, so that children can develop intellectual capital. Don’t let conventions override and allow creativity.  More […]

Day 5

Differentiated instruction is crucial for all educators to really help children progress and develop in their learning, to identify the steps necessary to help create the concept or enrich their learning further. I think educators should take this seriously instead of following a structured curriculum as differentiated instruction is vital for learners to grasp, understand […]

Day 4

I especially enjoy Problem 13 introduced today. It is not just mind-reading, it is indeed mind-boggling. I find it so hard to find out the second digit, but eventually understand the concepts. It was interesting to find out that the answers can be found out through different ways. Examples: The no. revealed is often the […]

Day 3

Through this session, I really enjoyed one of the activities we were doing and I felt it will be great for young children to learn. By using pictorial form, children can do this activity to learn the concept of addition, below are some pictures for your understanding (but of course it will be small numbers […]

Day 2

I find it fascinating to use different methods to do or solve a mathematical problem, it has always been instilled within me that there is one method or algebra way to solve a mathematical problem. Thus, it was pretty difficult to think out of the box and it feels rather insecure doing it, unsure whether […]

Day 1

Mathematics had been the one subject I hated to the core since young, it had been fun thus far during the lessons solving the 3 problems introduced by Dr Yeap. I’ve learnt a few key concepts through the tasks given    Mathematics can be fun, not boring.  There are more than one way to solving […]